The District is divided into 6 Sub Divisons for administrative convenience. A Sub division is headed by  Sub Divisional Magistrate or SDM.  The Sub divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of number of sections and they act as intermediary in the administrative setup.Structured  of sub division and tahsils are as :

Sub-Division Pauri Srinagar Lansdowne Kotdwar Thalisain Dhumakot
Tahsil 1. Pauri 1. Srinagar 1. Lansdowne 1. Kotdwar 1. Thalisain 1. Dhumakot
2. Chobattakhal 2. Satpuli 2. Yamkeshwar 2. Chakisain
3. Jakhanikhal 3. Bironkhal
4. Rikhnikhal (sub-Tahsil)