Title Date Download/Link
Job Fair (Employement Exchange) 01/03/2018 Download(195 KB)
NIC e-forms eforms
Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll for First time Voter OR on Shifting from One Constituency to Another Constituency. 16/03/2018 Download(698 KB)
Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll by an Overseas Elector. 16/03/2018 Download(460 KB)
Objecting Inclusion of Name of Other Person / Seeking Deletion of Own Name/Seeking Deletion of Any Other Person’s Name in Electoral Roll due to Death/Shifting. 16/03/2018 Download(559 KB)
Application for Correction to Particulars Entered in Electoral Roll. 16/03/2018 Download(546 KB)
Application for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (in case of Shifting from One Place of Residence to Another Place of Residence within Same Constituency). 16/03/2018 Download(543 KB)
Job Fair (Employement Exchange) Srinagar 05/12/2018 Download(136 KB)