Around Srinagar

As Srinagar was the land of penance for various known and unknown sages and saints hence its one among the sacred places in Garhwal Himalaya.

Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple

A very ancient Shiva temple enunciated by legendary accounts that Lord Rama worshipped Shiva here and offered lotus flower to him. Shiva tested Rama’s devotion by stealing one of the lotus flower, and Lord Rama was ready to replace the lost flower with one of his eyes. On seeing this Lord Shiva was pleased and blessed him with Sudarshan Chakra. Hence the place is known as Kamleshwar. On the occasion of Baikunth Chaturdashi special worship is performed and a big fair takes place here as organized at Binsar. Women worship Lord Shiva for whole night holding lamp on their palms. It is a strong belief that on dooing so one’s desire for the baby is fulfilled.

Guru Gorakhnath

Just opposite Shankar Math and in the courtyard of a house, a huge rock protrude from the mountain slopes. This is where Guru Gorakhnath meditated and where he met his desciples. A tiny unobtrusive door (through which has to literally crawl) will take you inside the rock- to the Guru’s cave. An image of him has been installed there, and the trustees look after the place. The prayer at this temple is conducted by the sadhus of Gorokh Panths (followers of Gorakhnath) of the “Nath Sect”.

Sankaracharya who had knowledge of Shiva Shakti felt that the worship of Shiv Pooja in this cave would be ideal. So the place has been accepted to be the best for Sadhana. Guru Gorakhnath did his penance at this place and it is said that he took “Samadhi” in this cave. According to Atkinson the tomb was built in 1667 but according to the imprint on the copper plate lying with the pujari, it was in 1677 that the Samadhi was renovated. Presently the cave is totally abandoned and worn out and till date no remuneration activities have been done to protect the structure of archeological & Historical importance, which is a major threat to the extinction of the temple.

Dhari Devi Temple

The temple dedicated to goddess Kali is a much worshiped Goddess of the region. People are of the opinion that the stone carved deity changes face of a girl, woman, and of old lady as the day progresses. A mythological account says that once a severe flood washed away a temple and Dhari Devi’s idol was trapped against a rock near the village Dharo. Villagers heard the wail of the idol and a devine voice directed them to install the idol there.

Every year on the occasion of Navratras special worship is offered to Goddess Kaliasaur. People from far & near visit this sacred haunt in great number to get the blessings of Goddess Kali. An ancient cave is also present near the temple. The temple is 15km from Srinagar on Delhi- Niti National Highway 55 leading to Badrinath. A 1 km-cement pathway leads one to the temple on the bank of river Alaknanda.

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Kesho Rai Math

A devotee of lord Narayan from southern India, Kesho Rai, was very old when he began his trip to Badrinath. Afterclimbing 2100 feet he was tired and decided to rest. This was the eastern bank of the Alaknanda river in Srinagar, the capital of the Kingdom of Garhwal. While he slept Narayan appeared to him in a dream and told him not to proceed any further but to dig the surface on which he was sleeping. Kesho Rai dug- and discovered an image of Narayana. He then built a temple and installed this idol in it. The temple is 800 years old now. A flood caused by the Alaknanda resulted in its sinking a few inches into ground.

Shankar Math

It is believed that the name Srinagar was derieved from a Sriyantra, drawn on a huge slab of stone . According to leged human lives were sacrificed in front of this Sriyantra in order to please the divine powers. In a bid to stop this cruel practice Adi Guru Sankaracharya had the slab thrown into the river Alaknanda, where it still lies.

It was at the same spot that the Guru first realized the amazing powers of Lord Shiva. So the Shankar Math came up. However, Lord Vishnu and the Goddess Lakshmi are also held in veneration here.