Most upcoming phenomenon around the world is ‘Adventure Tourism’, and Pauri is a paradise of adventure seekers interested in sports like- Trekking, Moonlight Trekking, Cycling, Jungle Camping, Wildlife Adventure, Aero- sports, Angling, Rock-climbing, Rafting etc.

As far as exposure of Pauri in context to tourism is concerned, it’s almost negligible. Department of Tourism, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar has taken the initial step towards this direction by introducing, Cycling and Rock-Climbing Camps in association with Department of Tourism, Government of Uttranchal. Few other private entrepreneurs have also entered the field towards promotion of tourism in Pauri District.

Department of Tourism, University of Garhwal, is one of the pioneer institutes in the field of human resource development for tourism trade. We are in this field for the last 27 years, established in the year 1976 with a Diploma course. In the year 1991, with the efforts of faculty members the initiative was taken and the centre entered into the global market of tourism education by introducing for the first time the ‘Master of Tourism Administration’ (MTA) programme (2 year full time with 4 semesters), the course of its own kind and crowned itself by becoming second in Asia, were a course on tourism at masters degree level was started with 32 modules.

Besides theoretical classes a care is taken for multi-dimensional grooming of students, and the present festival is one of such examples.

1. Cycling to various selected trails ( Khirsu, Adwani Ghurdauri) 7. Preparing local cuisine*
2. Rock Climbing 8. Interacting with locals*
3. Slide Show 9. Aero Sports*
4. Jungle Camping 10. Mountaineering
5. Camping tools & techniques 11. Nature Walk
6. Cleanliness Program 12. Jungle Safari
(* Special Interest Program)


1- Binsor Trek

Binsor is situated at an altitude at 2480mt. and is at a distance of 134 kms from Pauri. set amidst dence forest of Oak, Deodar and Rhododendro is a celebrate place of workship. The temple dedicated to Lord shiva is of archaeological significance. the central room of the temple is beautifully adorned by the idolsof ganesh, Her Gauri and Kans Mardini. Thalisain, 104 kms from Pauri, is the last bus stop.

About trek

From thalisain, the trek trails begin through very rich forest of Deodar, Pine and Oaks, all brimming with wildlife. this trek is full of life and it is assured that one will enjoy the scenic beauty through the trek.


Day 1 Pauri to thalisain (drive to Thalisain 104 km.), Lodges & Hotels
Day 2 Thalisain to Piersain (13 km trek, Overnight at camp), Camping
Day 3 12 km. trek to Binsor (Overnight at camp), Dharamsalaand Camping

Part II

Binsor-Garisain trek

20 km trek to Gairsain near Adibadri via bhramddungi

2- Doodhatoli Trek

Doodhatoli, Situated at an altitude of 3100 mt, is covered with dense mixed forest. Thalisain is the last bus terminal (104 km. from Pauri) from where Doodhatoli is at a distance of 24 km. by trek. It is one of the most picturesque places and offers a panaromic view of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding areas.

The indomitable freedom fighter of Garhwal, veer Chandra Singh Garhwali was enamoured by the place. As was his last wish a memorial in his name has been erected here after his death. A humble but bold momorial in his name creates a ‘never say die’ atmosphere under the taill Oak trees.


Pauri Thalisain 104 kms (drive), Lodge, Hotels
Thalisain Peersain (11km trek), Camping
Peersain Binsar (11km trek), Dharamsala and Camping
Binsor Doodhatoli (12 km trek), Camping

Hariyali Devi temple is situated at the height of 1480 Mt, a confluence of pristine beauty and religious fervour. Hariyali Devi is thronged by tourists and pilgrims in large numbers during janamasthami and deepawali.

Day 1 Pauri to Dabrukhal (Drive) 43 km, Camping
Dabrukhal to Mojkhal (Trek) 6 km. Camping
Day 2 Mojkhal to Bhenswara to Hariyali Devi (trek),
13 km. Dharamsala and Camping

4-Gujurugahri Trek

Day 1 Pauri to Thalisain to Bajroan to Liskot to Kingorikhal  (Drive), Camping
Day 2 Kingorikhal to Gujurugahri (Trek) 4 km. Camping

5-Tara Kund Trek

Situated at a height of 2,200 mts, Tara Kund is picturesque spot amidst lofty mountains in the Charisirh development area. A small lake and an anciet temple adorn the place. The teej festiwal is celebrated with great gaily when the local people come here to worship and pay homage to God.

Day 1 49 km trek to Pathani, Dharamsala and Camping.
Day 2 9 km trek to Tara kund, Dharamsala and Camping
Pauri Pathani 49 km (Drive)
Pathani Sirtoli 4 km (Trek)
Sirtoli Tara Kund 5 km (Trek)


One of the latest concepts of adventure in Garhwal Himalaya is Cycling at an altitude of 1800mt and above. The route has been notified by the Department of Tourism, Garhwal University, Srinagar. One can enjoy the picturesque view of Himalaya from this route. The undulating route passing through extremely dense forest of Oak, Blue Pine and Rhododendron can reward the tourist with memories to enjoy in future. The solitude and tranquility of the area gives peace of mind and soul. For more details contact at-

Adventure Activities Cell,

Department of Tourism,

H.N.B. Garhwal University,

Srinagar Garhwal

The Cycling & Adventure Camp:

An inevitable effort that leads the people to look forwards and accepts adventure tourism as part of their life, which further can help taking such activities as livelihood. Apart from interactive motto can contribute for a better understanding between tourists from length and width of the country along with locals also. Along with cycling in one of the most picturesque trail with dense oak and pine forest a number of other activities associated with adventure tourism will be accomplished

For more details E-mail at – or Tel: 01388- 51051 or write to Co-ordinator, Adventure Activities Cell, Department of Tourism, PO Box- 33, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Garhwal- 246 174.


At 12km from Pauri town en-route to Kotdwar is a place called Kandara. The place surrounded with natural beauty has a Aero sport club developed by a private entrepreneur Mr. Manish Joshi.


One among the recreational activities, which can flourish in Pauri, is Angling and Swimming in Nayar river. Nayar valley with tremendous natural beauty and have the potential to spell bound the tourist with its charm. Satpuli area is best for the purpose of Angling & Swimming. The place has also the capability to develop one of the best farms in Garhwal and can provide tourist an opportunity to get a close look to the real life of Garhwal i.e., developing Rural Tourism. The place Satpuli offers number of private accommodation along with Government Accommodation units like Tourist, Forest Rest House, etc.