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Situated at a distance of 19 km. from the main town of Srinagar via Chamdhar, Devalgarh was established by the King of Kangra named Devel. The Laxmi Narayan temple, Gauri Devi Temple & Rajrajeshwari temple are the main attractions here. Inscription on the stones of the temples make them important from the archaeological point of view. The ‘Sthanaka’ (standing) Vishnu sculpture is noticed in Laxmi-Narayan Temple. On the basis of stylistic features and decorative details, the images from Develgarh can be placed in the 9th-10th century A.D.

Shankar Math

This temple is at a distance of 3 km. from the main town of Srinagar and is believed to have been constructed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The temple has a unique architectural beauty. The ‘Garbhagriha’ (Sanctum) of the temple has the stone images of God Vishnu & Godess Laxmi. It is associated with 17th century on the basis of its stylistic features.

Keshori Math

This temple is of great significance for its architectural beauty. The temple has been made of huge stones and the inscription on the stone of the main door reveals that around 1682 A.D.,a person by the name of ‘Keshorai’ got this temple constructed.

Binsar Mahadev

Binsar Mahadev temple is situated at an altitude of 2480 mtrs. It is at a distance of 22 km. from Thalisain. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is of archaeological significance. The ‘Garbhagriha’ (Sanctum) of the temple is beautifully adorned by the idols of Ganesh, Har Gauri and Maheshmardini. The image of Maheshmardini is engraved with inscriptions in ‘Nagri lipi’, which indicates its association with 9th century.


The Kanda temples are situated at a height of 1 km. from Delchauri village, which at a distance of 44 km. from district headquarter Pauri, on the route of Srinagar-Delchauri road. This is a pleasant place. Images of Laxmi-Narayan (12th century), Uma-Mahesh (11th-12thcentury), Surya (10th- 11tt century) and Vishnu (12th – 13th century) are seated in the ‘Garbhagriha’ (Sanctum) of ‘Bhagwati’ temple. Besides these, there are a number of stone images of different Gods, which are very significant from archeological point of view.


At a distance of 14 km. from district Pauri, there is Deval group of temples, also named as ‘Vashnav Temples’ situated in Sitansu Patti of Pauri tehsil. This group consists of twelve temples, which can be divided in two groups according to time period. The first group belongs to 18th – 19th century which contains ‘Lakshman & Shiv’ temples. The rest of the temples belong to 11th to 15th century, older than the first group.


This place is situated in the Kotdwar tehsil of district Pauri at the distance of 27 km. from Kotdwar in the route of Kotdwar-Haridwar road. There is a Shiv Temple in main market. In the ‘Garbhagriha’ (Sanctum) of this Shiv temple, a marvelous image of ‘Panchyatan Shivlig’, which was brought from Panduwala, is consecrated. The images of Bramha, Vishnu, Surya and Uma-Mahesh are engraved around this ‘Panchyatan Shivlig’. This image belongs to the 9th century. The Panduwala , at a distance of two km. from Laldhang, is a famous archaeological place for the proof of ruins of temples & ponds and remains of earthenware of pre and post medieval period.