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Kotdwar, the biggest business center and the only railway terminus of the district, enroute the all items for the necessities of the hill region of the district. Kotdwar is only plain town of this mountainous district having most of the industrial potential. Situated at the bank of river ‘Khoh’ in the ‘Bhabar’ region of Himalyan foothills, its altitude is 650 meters from sea level. It is one of the hottest places in the district.

Upto 1953 A.D., Kotdwar was a small market place as Duggada was the main business center of the area at that time. On connecting to railway route in 1953 A.D., it became the important business center as major business groups shifted from Duggada to Kotdwar. Area of the city is about 2.59 sq. km. Total population as per 2001 census is 24,947 with 13,178 male populations and 11,769 female population. The nearest airport is Jollygrant, a place near to Deharadun at a distance of 115 km. via Haridwar.

The famous religious places around the city are Siddhbali and Durgadevi Temple. The excursions from the city are Kanvashram, Bharat Nagar, Chila, Kalagarh, Medanpuri Devi, Shri Koteshwar Mahadev.