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Srinagar, once the capital of the Garhwal Kings before the arrival of British, is situated in a sprawling valley on the bank of Alaknanda River at a distance of 29 km. from district headquarter Pauri. Today, it is one of the biggest townships of the district and a seat of Garhwal University. It is located at a junction of roads from Kotdwar, Rishikesh, Tehri Garhwal, Kedarnath & Badrinath and it serves as main halting point for the pilgrims of ‘Char Dham Yatra’.

Srinagar, the traditional capital of Garhwal Kings, was an important center for Art & Architecture and Trans- Himalayan Trades. The town’s name derived from ‘Shri Kshetra’, ascribed to the location here of an ‘Sriyantra’ – a tantrik device associated with human sacrifice. Through centuries the town has been transformed from a ‘Chatti’ (Pilgrims’ Night Halt) to a ‘Durbar’ (Court) and to a busy commercial & educational center as its present status. Up to 1804 A.D., the town was the capital of Garhwal. In 1816 A.D. it came under the rule of British after the Gorkha invasion from 1805 – 1815 A.D. But by the time it passed under British control it had lost much of its glamour. The reduction of the town to a ruin is attributed to the repeated ravages wrought by the Alaknanda and to an earthquake in 1803 A.D. The Gorkha invasion only hastened the process of its decay.

Modern Srinagar was founded in 1879 A.D. when it was given a status of town area and its architectural complexion has changed drastically in the last few decades. Area of the city is about 7.77 sq. km. Total population as per 2001 census is 19,658 with 11,198 male population and 8,460 female population. The literacy percentage of the city is 90.67. The climate of the city is hot in summer, cold and foggy in winter. The nearest railway terminus is at Rishikesh at the road distance of 106 km., and the nearest airport is Jollygrant, a place near to Deharadun at a distance of 123 km. via Rishikesh.

The religious places around the city are Raghunath Temple, Buli Temple, Satyanarayan Temple, Kamsmardani Temple, Kamleshwar Temple, Dharidevi Temple, Kishori Math, Shankar Math, Badrinath Math. Annually a five day fair is organized on Baikunth Chaturdashi.